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The same way gag writers write for standup comedians, Helene Parsons writes gags for cartoonists. Ms Parsons has written for Dennis the Menace, The Lockhorns, and cartoonists for The New Yorker. She does a lot of reading and research looking for inspiration. To read about her fascinating creative process and for some good reading tips on humor writing, read on.

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Gag writer for cartoonists Helene Parsons lists many of her favorite books on humor and cartoon gag writing...

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Gag writer for cartoonists Helene Parons gives some tips on how to get started in the business.

Grant Snider p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to gather a few interesting reading tips. Grant Snider’s Incidental Comics are whimsical, philosophical and poetic takes on topics like idleness, ampersands, writing, containing emotions and the need to keep dancing when heavy things start falling from the sky. His comics are neat and apparently simple, with a nice use of color. Hand-drawn frames are stacked on each other, with neat lettering and simple illustrations. His new book The Shape of Ideas, an illustrated exploration of Creativity, will be released in April.

Grant Snider p2

Grant Snider, creator of Incidental Comics, and author of The Shape of Ideas, talks about some of his favorite memoirs...

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The creator of Incidental comics and author of The Shape of Ideas, Grant Snider, talks about his creative excursions around Wichita, and also about the way he draws onto tracing paper...

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Grant Snider talks about Incidental Comics and his new book The Shape of Ideas...

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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. This issue focuses on Brin Coleman, from Manchester, who since 2008 has released more than 60 albums of music, many of which were under the name Bing Satellites. The tone is chilled out and atmospheric, but also intense. These include several live improvised ambient albums entitled Twilight Sessions. Bing Satellites’ latest album Twilight Sessions Volume 20 was released on January 7.

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Some of Brin Coleman's favorite musicians, and an ethos he learned from musician Pete Namlook...

Brin Coleman p3

Brin Coleman who records under the name Bing Satellites talks about his daily routine in Manchester, UK, and mentions some of his forthcoming albums of ambient music..