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The reading of the members of ambient group Ascendant, Don Tyler and Chris Bryant, has a large influence on their music. There are a lot of reading tips in this interview, from science fiction novels to esoteric and zen philosophy, to anthropology and to Beat generation writers. Their ambient soundscapes and other electronic music on albums like Meridian and Particle Horizon are written to themes or ideas, and take the listener on a journey of discovery.They also founded Synphaera, a record label which releases some of the best ambient music available today.

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Chris Bryant and Don Tyler talk about writing music to a theme or concept...

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Don Tyler and Chris Bryant from Ascendant recommend some favorite books...

Ascendant p4

Chris Bryant and Don Tyler talk about influences on their music, and describe how they met and formed Ascendant...

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Ascendant musicians Chris Bryant (also a music producer) and Don Tyler (a mastering engineer) talk about the Ambient Music Conference, and finding and developing new ambient artists for their label Synphaera Records...

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Ascendant members Don Tyler and Chris Bryant mention some of their favorite ambient albums, and talk about the Exosphere, the new imprint for their label Synphaera Records.

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Mudlarks scour the banks of rivers like the Thames, finding tiny objects washed up from the past. These artefacts lead her on journeys of discovery as she researches their provenance, sometimes solving mysteries about their past and telling stories about their forgotten previous owners. And she creates evocative art works from other discarded items, like cigarette lighters, soles of shoes, and bits of metal and broken pewter.

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Historian, artist and mudlark Nicola White talks about the journeys of discovery that resulted from finding tiny objects on the banks of the Thames and other rivers...

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Artist and mudlark Nicola White recommends some books on history and mudlarking...

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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. This issue features the creator of the Night Craft comic book series, Jesse Thomas who has lived around the world but currently resides in North Carolina. He has also illustrated other work, including comics like Hellbound Media’s Dawn After Dark: Kiss Me Deadly. This interview features a lot of good reading tips, including sci-fi and mystery novels and various genres of comics including the famous Warren magazines titles.