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Pamela Rushby

READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. This edition features author of young adult novels, Pamela Rushby. Her novel The Horses Didn’t Come Home tells the story of the last great cavalry charge in history, undertaken by Australian soldiers in 1917 at Beersheba, in the Sinai Desert, now in Israel. Pamela Rushby lists many of her favorite young adult novels. Also, Norman Wallis reports on the Lifeline Bookfest which is on again at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 9 to 12. It’s the largest sale of secondhand books in the world.

Lifeline Bookfest, Brisbane, June 9-12, 2012.

The next Lifeline Bookfest is coming up on the Queens Birthday Weekend, June 9-12, 2012, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. There will be about an acre of fascinating second hand books, all arranged neatly on long wooden tables, and with signage indicating different categories of books, all going for ridiculously low prices. Lifeline is a charity which provides services like phone counseling. Fictional reporter Norman Wallis attended the Lifeline Bookfest in Caboolture in April.

Lifeline Bookfest, Brisbane, June 9-12, 2012.

Norman Wallis continues relating his adventure at the Caboolture Lifeline Bookfest. The Bookfest is on again at the Brisbane Convention Centre from June 9 to 12.

Bobby N. p1

Bobby N. is a Melbourne comics artist whose latest book is Digested #5. He creates semi-autobiographical comics, with lots of good detail, cross-hatching, shadow and other effects. In this interview he talks about his comics, and the developing comics scene in Melbourne. He also gives plenty of great reading suggestions in this interview.

Bobby N. p2

Bobby N. gives a list of new comics from Melbourne artists..

Bobby N. p3

Bobby N. on the growing interest in comics in Melbourne.

Tony White p1

Animator Tony White, from Drawassic studio, is trying to revitalise the Disney-style apprenticeship system in animation. He is also the founder of the 2D or Not 2D animation festival, and the author of many books on animation, like Tony White’s Animators Notebook. This book teaches how to animate the traditional way. It’s a very good beginner’s guide, covering all the basics.

Tony White p2

Animator Tony White talks about the production steps in animation...

Tony White p3

Animator Tony White recommends some great books on animation and animators...

Tony White p4

Tony White on the need for originality in animation...