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Brisbane Writers Festival 2006 – Page 2

Reading tips from the Brisbane Writers Festival 2006

Brisbane International Film Festival

Some reading tips from the Brisbane International Film Festival 2006.

Brendan Burford, creator of the Syncopated comics anthology

Brendan Burford talks about Syncopated

Brendan Burford creator of Syncopated comics anthology

Brendan Burford creator of the Syncopated comics anthology talks about his favorite comics

Illustrator and comics artist Hiro Kurata

Artist Hiro Kurata talks about his illustrations and comics and recommends some books.

Hiro Kurata talks about illustration and recommends books

Hiro Kurata, Brooklyn-based illustrator and comics artist talks about illustrating and recommends some books

David Malouf on Johnno and writing

David Malouf on Johnno, Brisbane, and writing

David Malouf gives some writing tips

Author David Malouf talks about Johnno, and gives some writing tips.

Simon Singh, particle physicist turned author

Simon Singh, author of Big Bang, talks about writing his popular science books

Artist Mattias Adolfsson recommends some books

Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson talks about drawing in inks and recommends some books.