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Lucy Knisley is a New York-based comics artist who creates beautiful but down-to-earth comics. These include the travel memoir French Milk (Simon and Schuster) about a sojourn with her mother in Paris, and a travel diary of a trip to Africa, Tanzania Travelogue. Her website lucyknisley.com has a wide selection of her autobiographical and other comics, and features her distinctive drawing and coloring style.

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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. A few months ago, I came across a book called Forensics, True Stories from Australian Police Files (The Five Mile Press) by Vikki Petraitis. The book shows how some police investigations can involve an extensive, even excrutiating amount of footwork over many months. But the author tells the stories in a fast-paced and interesting way. Cases include a fatal hit and run collision on the Hume Highway. Poison Ivy, a drug addict who met men in Melbourne bars, went with them to their rooms, drugged their coffee and robbed them. And a woman bludgeoned to death in an empty house at St Albans in Melbourne’s west. Vikki Petraitis is the author of a number of true crime books, and she gives some good reading tips in this interview.