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Scott Christian Sava's favorite books, and writing for the audience as well as yourself...

READERSVOICE.COM: When will Book 6 be released in print form?

SCOTT CHRISTIAN SAVA: I’m putting the finishing touches on it now. It should head to the printer in a week. Then we’ll have it here by the beginning of December.
Then… I start sketching in each one and we’ll be shipping them out daily to all the pre-orders.

RV: I have read that you liked The Hobbit, the Narnia books, Princess of Mars, Little Nemo: In Slumberland, Spiderman and Comics the Marvel Way. Can you recommend any other favorite books, whether fiction, politics, comics, or anything else?

SCS: Wow. You took all of my suggestions… ha ha.
I have to say… I really don’t read too much. I know it’s a sad thing to hear. And I’m trying to remedy that.
But, with Dreamland full time, Two video game projects on my plate, watercolor paintings, the Kickstarter, and of course two 9 year old boys to take to school, soccer practice, football, etc…. there’s not much time for recreation. Thankfully… I love what I do.

RV: There is a lot of humor in the dialogue and I was wondering what kind of humor you like to watch or read.

SCS: The Princess Bride is a big influence on that. I’m also a huge Bugs Bunny and Three Stooges fan.
My family has a wonderful sense of humor. I’ve also been blessed with very funny friends too.
I can’t imagine telling any story without a slapstick moment or funny observation on the obvious. Those worlds just don’t exist for me.

RV: When you write about Alex’s adventures in Dreamland do you end up writing to entertain yourself mainly? because it has a wide range of readers from teenage girls to parents to little kids.

SCS: Originally… yes. But once I’d found out all of the other people who were reading it… I was aware that Alex needed more dimensions. Nastajia really helps round that out too.
Alex in a lot of ways is me at his age. Self centered, unaware of responsibility, clueless. Nastajia (as my soon to be wife Donna was for me) pushes him to be a better man.

This isn’t all she is, though. Nastajia has her OWN issues. Her OWN strengths and weaknesses. And Alexander brings the best out of her too.

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