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Old grammar books p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few samples from old books, especially out of print or even forgotten books. A lot of these books have valuable information. For example, old books on grammar make fascinating reading. They include a lot of things that modern grammar books don’t go near. McDougall’s Complete Grammar from 1913 teaches the […]

Old grammar books p2

Here is a passage from Cambridge Lessons in English. Book II. Teacher’s Edition, by George Sampson, published 1929. It covers how nouns are sometimes classified according to their role in the sentence and their relationship to other nouns in the sentence: Nominative and Objective. A noun or pronoun, subject of a sentence, is in the […]

Old grammar books p3

Something one doesn’t find in modern grammar books is any mention of thou, thine, thee, and ye. In McDougall’s Complete Grammar, from 1913, they cover these personal pronouns. They are rarely used these days, except in some parts of England. Thou and thee are singular in number, and ye is plural in number. Pronouns in […]

Old grammar books p4

Here are some more examples of the use of thee and thou.  Verbs also change when used with these pronouns. McDougall’s Complete Grammar gives the examples for the verbs “Speak” and “Be”. Verbs are sometimes classified according to moods. McDougall’s says that: “A Verb in the Indicative Mood expresses a real occurrence, or it asks […]

Colonel E.G. Keogh p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to put the spotlight on some out of print or even forgotten books, particularly if they have a little juice in them. Shenandoah 1861-62 is an account of the tactics used by Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee in their successful campaign in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia in the early stages of […]

Colonel E.G.Keogh p2

Shenandoah 1861-62 is written in a concise and clear manner, and it’s reliable, with plenty of facts and details, the way the military trains officers to write. The author, Colonel E. G. Keogh, stressed that the Confederates Jackson and Lee had studied a lot of military history, which had complemented their professional experience. In that […]

Colonel E.G. Keogh p3

Colonel Keogh talks about the motivations of people in war, which must be understood when forming strategy… The book Shenandoah 1861-62 is also a good overall history of the US Civil War, which the author describes as “four years of ruinous strife”. The author says that war is a political act undertaken to attain a […]

Dr H. Martensen on comedy

READERSVOICE.COM aims to dig up a few interesting pages from old books, especially out of print and even forgotten books. This issue focuses on writing about comedy. There are a lot of good books on comedy writing around. Mel Helitzer’s Comedy Writing Secrets. The Comedy Bible by Brian McKim and Traci Skene. Comedy Writing Step […]

Dr H. Martensen p2

Dr H. Martensen, in his book Christian Ethics, continues on naivete or simplicity in comedy characters… He writes: The more the comic developes itself in its higher forms, the more does seriouslness shine through it. He said that J.C. Heiberg held sprightliness, irony and humour as the three principal forms of the comic. Gaity and […]

Dr H. Martensen p3

Dr H. Martensen on naivete… He writes that the same world which shows us the tragic, shows us the comic: The comic contemplation of the world views it not as a world of sin, of guilt, of destiny, but as one of folly and fortuitous occurrences. Here is no painful contrast, but one entirely painless, […]