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Journal of a Soul by Pope John XXIII

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few samples from interesting old books found at charity stores around Brisbane. People donate all sorts of old books to op-shops: books one might never otherwise hear about. And often the older books are written better than modern efforts. They are often more honest and more informative. And they’re so […]

Journal of a Soul p2

Pope John XXIII’s guiding motto was obedientia et pax: obedience to God and peace. In the 1966 paperback, Journal of a Soul, is featured his writing at age 21… I like to enjoy good health and God sends me sickness. Well, blessed be this sickness! Here starts the practice of that holy indifference that made […]

Journal of a Soul p3

November 26, 1940, reflections on World War Two, featured in Journal of a Soul by Pope John XXIII… The law of life, alike for the souls of men and for nations, lays down principles of justice and universal harmony and the limits to be set to the use of wealth, enjoyments and worldly power. When […]

Rollin’ yer swag

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few samples from interesting out of print books. Recently, I found Rollin’ yer swag in a Salvation Army store. Rollin’ yer swag was a memoir written by William C.F. Cowan in 1985, published by Boolarong, Brisbane. A swag is rolled-up bedding, carried on someone’s back or on horseback: used for […]

William C. F. Cowan p2

The jewel thieves… He writes about how later in life he joined a droving plant, travelling on horseback, walking cattle over long distances. He was camped out with some other drovers when they met two other guys camped out nearby. The two became very sick after drinking salty corned beef water for soup. The following […]

William C. F. Cowan p3

A resilient outback woman… Mr Cowan wrote about a woman he met at a remote cattle property. After kindly feeding him and the other ringers, she sat with them. He noticed she had a portion of one finger missing and he asked her about it. She said she was in the galley, or kitchen, and […]

William C.F. Cowan p4

Snakebite in the outback… When Mrs K. was bitten by a brown snake, she couldn’t just go to the phone because they didn’t have the phone connected at their homestead. The nearest phone was at the neighbouring property. But she also didn’t have a horse, so she walked nine kilometres across country (more direct than […]

Characters Make Your Story

READERSVOICE.COM gives a few samples from interesting out of print books. This issue features another excellent how to write book, Characters Make Your Story by Maren Elwood, written in 1942. These samples are from a 1959 hardback published by The Writer Inc., Boston. Ms Elwood wrote about cause and effect. She says: We are writing […]

Maren Elwood p2

Highlighting characteristics of characters by using contrast… Ms Elwood in Characters Make Your Story, written in 1942, says: “One arresting way of spotlighting the character of an actor is to confront him with a highly contrasted problem, or situation.” She gives the example of a wealthy young bachelor who lives in a penthouse in New […]

Maren Elwood p3

Emotions toward characters… Ms Elwood in Characters Make Your Story says: “Before writing any story, the writer should know clearly and specifically the dominant emotion he wants the reader to feel toward every character in that story.” Ms Elwood in Characters Make Your Story, says to: “Never leave the choice of the emotional effect you […]