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A Treasury of Jewish Folklore, 1948.

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few samples from excellent out of print books. Sometimes they are forgotten books, yet they’re as good as anything new. Here are some funny gags and jokes from old collections of Jewish humor. Some of these may have been featured before on readersvoice.com, but good jokes are worth retelling. Like […]

Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor, 1969

Here are some samples from Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor, From Biblical Times to the Modern Age by Henry D. Spalding, Jonathon David Publishers, New York, 1969.  PAPA kissed his wife, as was his custom before leaving for the shop every morning, and then he patted his little boy on the head. “Goodbye, Sollie,” he said, […]

A Treasury of Yiddish Stories, 1955.

Here are some samples from A Treasury of Yiddish Stories, edited by Irving Howe and Eliezer Greenberg, drawings by Ben Shahn. First published 1955, Andre Deutsch, London. Most are short stories but there are some quick gags in the final chapters of the book.   A Hearing Aid. Someone saw a Chelmite writing a letter […]

Tales from the Bagel Lancers, 1967

Here are some Yiddish jokes from Tales from the Bagel Lancers by Gerry Blumenfeld, published 1967, Paperback Library, New York. There are some very good jokes in this book if you can find a copy. The book is: Dedicated with affection to my husband, Harold, who has generously shared my joys, my sorrows, and my […]

The Meanderings of Oswald p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few samples from interesting out of print books. The Meanderings of Oswald is a 1943 paperback with a lot of jokes from WW2. This issue quotes from a tattered old volume with three rusted staples left in the front cover, with one staple missing. The author is listed as W.W.W., […]

The Meanderings of Oswald p2

Here are some old gags from The Meanderings of Oswald, published 1943… There was also the learned judge who was travelling in company with an eminent lawyer. An old gentleman fo patriarchal appearance, with whom the lawyer exchanged greetings, got on the bus, and the judge, a very keen teetotaller, whispered to the lawyer: “Who […]

The Meanderings of Oswald p3

More jokes from a WW2 era joke book from New Zealand… The people in the railway train were startled by the entrance of two masked men, one large and the other small, both armed with revolvers. “Throw up your hands,” barked the big man. “We’re going to rob all the men and kiss all the […]

The Magic of Story-telling p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give some samples from interesting out of print books. Often they are much better than anything around today, for a number of reasons. Here is another sample from The Magic of Story-Telling by Clifford Warne. This 1971 book is more useful than hundreds of writing magazines and how to write books. The […]

The Magic of Story-telling p2

Clifford Warne states how to create a conflict… Strong conflict makes powerful stories which hold audiences. When you prepare a story there are two things you want to know. 1.What does the main character want? 2.Who or what stops him from getting it? Answer the second question and you’ve identified the conflict. Then build this […]

The Magic of Story-telling p3

Mr Warne writes about the essential ingredient in a story… Remember the songs I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Give My Regards to Broadway? They are from successful musical comedies written by George M. Cohan. Cohan had a simple format for all his stage shows. ACT ONE: Get the hero up a tree. ACT TWO: […]