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Goals, guts and greatness p1

READERSVOICE.Com aims to give a few samples from good secondhand books found in charity stores in Brisbane. These opshops often sell very good books you wouldn’t hear about anywhere else. Sometimes you can come across fascinating old books, more than a hundred years old, and they’re going for fifty cents.  This issue features a sample […]

Goals, guts and greatness p2

The book, Goals, Guts and Greatness by Mark O. Haroldsen, goes on to tell the story of Bunker Bean… The author writes: Most people live and die with too small an estimate of their own abilities. As a result they spend their strength on small tasks and never put their real powers to the test. […]

Goals, guts and greatness p3

Bunker Bean and Napoleon… The chapter goes on to narrate how the spiritualist, for a couple of bucks, told Bunker Bean that he was once Napoleon. The spiritualist told him that there were Karmic cycles. He said that when Bunker was Napoleon he was living in a period of ascendancy. And that now he was […]

Goals, guts and greatness p4

Making plans like Napoleon in his tent before a battle… The story continues with Bunker Bean working on the production line, looking for ways to improve it. Then he goes home to think about any changes he could recommend. Eventually he “remembered reading that with Napoleon, to think was to act.” He made a recommendation […]

Goals, guts and greatness p5

Set your goal… The author writes: Your first step should be to set a goal. That’s what Bunker Bean did. He determined first to learn all he could about Napoleon. Then he determined to practice in his life the principles that Napoleon practices. Then he determined to move up the ladder in his company. Without […]

SS Fortitude and other Lang ships, Brisbane, 1849 p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few samples from secondhand books found at charity shops around Brisbane. People donate all sorts of interesting old books to these opshops. Many of these books can’t be found anywhere else, and they go dirt cheap. The SS Fortitude, the SS Chaseley, and the barque Lima arrived in Brisbane in […]

SS Fortitude and other Lang ships, Brisbane, 1849 p2

The first of Lang’s ships to arrive in Moreton Bay, at the mouth of the Brisbane River, was the SS Fortitude. The ship had departed from Gravesend in Kent, England, and spent 128 days at sea. They’d sailed southwest to South America, then caught the trade winds eastward, past the southern tip of Africa, across […]

SS Fortitude and other Lang ships, Brisbane, 1849 p3

The arrival of the SS Fortitude, SS Chasely and the barque Lima in Brisbane, 1849… It was left to Captain John Wickham to supply them with food and tents until they could get on their feet. They set up the tents in a gully called York’s Hollow. One writer in the book said that the […]

SS Fortitude and other Lang ships, Brisbane, 1849 p4

Here is an extract from a letter featured in the book commemorating the reunion of descendants of the Fortitude, Chaseley and Lima: three of John Dunmore Lang’s immigrant ships to Brisbane in 1849…. The letter was written by Captain John Wickham (appointed police magistrate in 1842) to the immigration agent Francis Merewether.  He writes regarding […]

Stars to Steer By

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few samples from secondhand books found in opshops and the occasional Bookfest in Brisbane. Here are a few samples from Stars to Steer By, written by Father Terry Brady, a Redemptorist priest born in Queensland. It’s an 81-page book of his personal reflections and poetry. It has no publication date, […]