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Peter Pinney p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to provide a few samples from out of print books. This issue focuses on Dust on my shoes (1952) by Peter Pinney. It’s an elegant and somewhat picaresque memoir of the author’s journey just after WW2. He travels from Greece, through Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Burma. It isn’t just the […]

Peter Pinney p2

In one scene in Dust on my shoes (1952) by Peter Pinney, the author is in the Iraq embassy in Syria, trying to obtain a transit visa to Kuwait. The consul is anti-semitic, suspicious, and the only thing stopping the author from reaching the Persian Gulf. He quotes the consul: “H’m. If you fly, you […]

Peter Pinney p3

Peter Pinney’s life story is as interesting as his books. He always craved adventure. Born in 1922, he was raised in Sydney mainly, although he had some early schooling in Port Moresby, New Guinea. As a teenager he had been known for dangerous escapades, including hanging upside down on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He liked […]

Mo’s Memoirs

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few interesting reading tips. It features samples from forgotten or out-of-print books. The following sample from Mo’s Memoirs (1945) by comedian Roy Rene gives a description of an evening of vaudeville in the very early 1900s. Roy Rene (1891-1954) was born Henry van der Sluys. From 1908, he appeared in […]

Roy “Mo” Rene p2

A pre-1945 farce, Gamblers All, starring Roy Rene… Roy Rene (1891-1954) was an Australian vaudeville comedian, playing music halls and theatres. He performed to sold out shows in Australia in the 1910s and 20s and after vaudeville died out, he hosted a popular radio show in the 1940s. He is most known for his comedy […]

Roy “Mo” Rene p3

The co-writer of Mo’s Memoirs continues an account of Gamblers All, a sketch that starred Roy “Mo” Rene… Mo returns to the gambling table and gambles the lot on the red: red loses… No sooner had Mo laid his bet than there is a shriek of “Police,” the lights go out, and there is a […]

Roy “Mo” Rene p4

The co-writer of Mo’s Memoirs continues an account of Gamblers All, a sketch that starred Roy “Mo” Rene… “You know, I’m teetotal myself,” says the Commissioner of Police. “Oh,” says Mo in that voice which rises to a weird soprano, continuing “You don’t gamble?” “No,” says the Police Commissioner. “You don’t go out with bad […]

Cameos of Crime p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to find a few good reading tips. It includes samples of stories from out of print or forgotten books. This issue features Cameos of Crime by Michael O’Sullivan, (1866-1950). It’s a police officer’s memoir of his professional life throughout country Queensland and Brisbane. He was born in Ireland but arrived in Rockhampton in […]

Michael O’Sullivan p2

Michael O’Sullivan gives an account of an apparent bank robbery in Brisbane, which he described as a put-up job… He continues: I left the bank and on my way to the barracks I met a letter-carrier with whom I had a saluting acquaintance. In five minutes I learned that he had on several occasions delivered […]

Michael O’Sullivan p3

In Cameos of Crime, Michael O’Sullivan writes of a horse thief in Rockhampton. The thief would steal horses used by butchers, merchants, breweries and storekeepers. Then he would “plant” the horses, or keep them in some field. When a reward was offered for the missing horses, he would find them and claim the reward. The […]