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Charity shop books p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to feature a few interesting out of print books. For this issue, Norman Wallis reports on his fossicking in charity shops for second hand books… Recently I was in a charity shop hunting for books. Visiting charity stores reminds me of that scene in 1984, when Winston Smith visits a second hand goods […]

Charity shop books p2

Norman Wallis reveals the contents of four boxes of books he found recently at a charity store at a location he refuses to disclose… There were many old books in the four boxes I perused recently at a charity store I visited. These are the titles of a few other old books I found. The […]

Charity shop books p3

NORMAN WALLIS  continues his story about some of the books he found in four boxes at an old charity store somewhere on the east coast of Australia, the whereabouts of which he refuses to disclose… There were a few of those old Penguin novels with the two orange stripes on the cover. These were the […]

Money for Film Stories, 1937 p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give some samples from out of print books. Often they are forgotten books. This issue features Money for Film Stories published 1937, by Norman Lee, a film director. Norman Lee writes that before scriptwriters start writing, they should come up with a good theme. He says that from a sound theme, the […]

Norman Lee p2

READERSVOICE.COM features Money for Film Stories by Norman Lee. He says to be original in your scripts. Don’t write what’s been done before. Bring something new to the cinema. Don’t expect to write up the stuff that has already been done and sell it over again… Mr Lee tells of a movie he’d recently seen. […]

Norman Lee p3

Here are a couple of snippets on comedy from the book Money for Film Stories by Norman Lee, published 1937. Mr Lee writes: Plot is not to be confused with situation. Situation is a section of the plot in which characters suffer embarrassment… The Character Comedy is better described by my friend H.F. Maltby as […]

Leichhardt Letters p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to sample some out of print or even forgotten books. This issue features a collection of letters by the German explorer Ludwig Leichhardt who disappeared on an expedition in Australia in 1848.   The German explorer and naturalist Dr Ludwig Leichhardt disappeared while trying to cross Australia, from the Darling Downs in the east, […]

Leichhardt Letters p2

READERSVOICE.COM continues with samples from the 1944 book Leichhardt Letters… Ludwig Leichhardt describes Sydney in 1842: Now there stands a town of 42,000 inhabitants surrounded on all sides by the portly homes of its wealthy inhabitants. She lies partly in a dale and partly built up along two hills, comprising, as a rule, large houses […]

Leichhardt Letters p3

READERSVOICE.COM continues with Leichhardt Letters, written by German explorer and naturalist Dr Ludwig Leichhardt in the 1840s in Australia… January24, 1846 On board the Heroine, an English ship which sailed from Java to Sydney: My dearest brother-in-law, I trust that you received my letter in which I wrote to you before the commencement of my […]

Leichhardt Letters p4

READERSVOICE.COM continues with the Leichhardt Letters and his final expedition… Leichhardt set out in December 1846, on a second expedition, to cross the continent from the Darling Downs in the east, to the Swan River and Perth, on the west coast of Australia. After 800 kms, in June 1847, the expedition was forced to return. […]