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Three Years with Eisenhower p2

READERSVOICE.COM continues with another interesting sample from an out of print book… Three Years with Eisenhower, the personal diary of Captain Harry S. Butcher, USNR, was published in 1946. The author was with General Eisenhower during World War Two. When they were based in London, Eisenhower told the author to keep a diary of everything […]

The battle for the Pacific p3

READERSVOICE.COM gives samples from high quality out of print books. The Battle for the Pacific by Donald Macintyre, was published in 1966. The author, Captain Macintyre, was a destroyer-commander during WW2. He turned historian and he gives a lot of authoritative details of battles like Guadalcanal and the Coral Sea. It’s good writing and the […]

The Beginning of Your Film! p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give a few samples from old and out of print books. This issue features a 1934-35 annual of Chums Magazine. It was aimed at school age lads in England. Many of the articles are clear and informative and probably haven’t dated that much. Here’s an article by Horace Richards called The Beginning […]

Horace Richards p2

Chums film writer Horace Richards writes about treatments of the adaptation… Mr Richards wrote that the average length of a film drama was rarely more than an hour and a half. There was just not time to include the whole novel or original story. And the film had to alter the book to allow extra […]

Horace Richards p3

Film writer for Chums Magazine, 1934-35 annual, Horace Richards writes about sequences… Sequences are the separate parts of the story which, when put together, make the story as a whole. Every sequence has to have a climax on which the camera can fade-out. For instanc, we have the hero and the villain meeting for the […]

Chums Magazine annual 1934-35 p4

Film writer for Chums magazine, 1934-35 annual, Horace Richards gives an example of a sequence broken up into scenes and for continuity… Mr Richards wrote: It may read something like this: Scene 20. Sequence D. Long Shot. Cliff Exterior. Day. Brown walks towards Green. Stops; holds out hand. Green ignores it. Brown: “How are you?” […]

Robert Orben, gag writer p1

READERSVOICE.COM gives a few samples from out of print books. This issue focusses on Robert Orben, who was a gag writer who died in February, at the age of 95. Born in 1927, Robert Orben grew up in the Bronx. He started publishing books of gags at the age of 18, in 1946. He sold […]

Robert Orben, gag writer p2

Here are a few samples from Robert Orben’s 1950s gag books. These are old style nightclub one liners but they have the classic one liner structure. They kind of bury the lead. They start with some introduction or misdirection, then surprise you with some crazy remark or point they’re making. Sometimes they leave it to […]

Robert Orben, gag writer p3

Some more gags from the joke books of Robert Orben. They show the classic setup and punchline structure of nightclub one liners. They are worth studying to see how they use an introduction or misdirection, followed by a punchline or surprising point. The Ad-Libber’s Handbook, 1962-69. Doubleday and Company, Garden City, New York: I spent […]

Land of Contrasts p1

READERSVOICE.COM aims to find old and out of print books that are still worth reading. This issue highlights Land of Contrasts, a 1976 memoir by Edith McFarlane, about her life along Cooper Creek in far Southwest Queensland. Ms McFarlane writes that at the age of 22, in 1925, she caught the train from Adelaide to […]