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Author of Alphaville, 1988, Michael Codella talks about some plans…


READERSVOICE.COM: What are some of your plans?

MICHAEL CODELLA: Currently my plans call for me to continue being a father and husband, and running my JiuJitsu Academy here in New York City.  I’ve also had my book optioned for film and TV several times but, as of this writing, I’ve regained the rights and I’m hoping some network exec will read the book and finally bring it to TV. 

In addition, I’ve been involved with some very high profile cases, after the Alphabet City case, on some of which I’ve done extensive undercover work, and others where I’ve conducted investigations. 

One was the Son of Sam (David Berkowitz) cult, which I believe was responsible for some of the shootings/killings back in the late 70’s and all of which the NYPD attributed to a lone shooter, namely David Berkowitz.  My investigation has led me to believe a cult was responsible, and it’s this theory that I’ve been interviewed about, and approached about, by other investigators, documentary producers, and again TV writers and producers. So, as far as the future goes, who knows. In any case, I’ll continue to keep my chin down, my hands up and my back to the wall.

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  • See Alphaville. 1988, by Michael Codella and Bruce Bennett.