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Goals, guts and greatness p1

READERSVOICE.Com aims to give a few samples from good secondhand books found in charity stores in Brisbane. These opshops often sell very good books you wouldn’t hear about anywhere else. Sometimes you can come across fascinating old books, more than a hundred years old, and they’re going for fifty cents. 

This issue features a sample from a 1985 copy of a motivational book called Goals, Guts and Greatness by Mark O. Haroldsen. This book is valuable because it shows that a positive attitude is the only one worth having. This sample comes from a chapter called You are what you think you are. The author writes: Each of us can become exactly what we want to become – if we want it badly enough. But first we must believe in ourselves.

He writes: Too many of us stumble through life on one consistent low plane. We see ourselves as failures in the things that really matter. “When it comes to high stakes, count me out,” we say. “I can succeed at little things, but when the big time comes along I’m a total failure.”

And, amazingly, we’re right. We are what we think we are. We’re much like a fictional character named Bunker Bean. He had a lot of potential locked up inside him, but because it was locked so deep, he didn’t know about it.

But something happened to make Bunker believe in himself, and despite his humble beginnings, he went on to make a fortune, to overcome his fears and weaknesses, to become a giant of a leader.

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