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Goals, guts and greatness p3

Bunker Bean and Napoleon…

The chapter goes on to narrate how the spiritualist, for a couple of bucks, told Bunker Bean that he was once Napoleon. The spiritualist told him that there were Karmic cycles. He said that when Bunker was Napoleon he was living in a period of ascendancy. And that now he was living in a period of descendency. But the spiritualist told Bunker that things were changing for him and he was about to enter a period of ascendancy.

Bunker decides to find out more about the great man he had been, supposedly. The next day after finishing his duties as an assembly line worker, he went to the library and checked out a book on Napoleon. Later he checked out more books on Napoleon.

The author writes: Bunker found that Napoleon truly was impressive. He had made things go the way he wanted them to. He had pushed and pushed until he reached his goal. And then he had pushed some more.

The author narrates that Bunker wanted to see what made Napoleon great. He examined his victories and failures. He wanted to be like Napoleon in the world of business.

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