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Goals, guts and greatness p4

Making plans like Napoleon in his tent before a battle…

The story continues with Bunker Bean working on the production line, looking for ways to improve it. Then he goes home to think about any changes he could recommend. Eventually he “remembered reading that with Napoleon, to think was to act.”

He made a recommendation to his supervisor on the production line. They tried it and it worked. The supervisor was promoted. The supervisor recommended Bunker for his replacement. So Bunker replaced him as supervisor. He continues working his way up the ladder and becomes president of the entire company. He had believed in himself totally and had known he could solve problems when they came up. People believed in him because he believed in himself.

Eventually he learns that the spiritualist was a fraud, which is heartbreaking for Bunker Bean. But it was too late to do any damage to Bunker. He’s already learned that it’s worth studying the lives of people one admires, and finding what made them so successful. He applied these same principles, concepts and methods to his situation. Finally, he made plans and carried them out.

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