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Goals, guts and greatness p5

Set your goal…

The author writes: Your first step should be to set a goal. That’s what Bunker Bean did. He determined first to learn all he could about Napoleon. Then he determined to practice in his life the principles that Napoleon practices. Then he determined to move up the ladder in his company.

Without a goal you can go nowhere, which is exactly where Bunker Bean went until he met the spiritualist. But once you set a goal, funny things start happening in your head. Your point of view starts to change, and suddenly you find yourself on a new and much more productive road.

The process seems to be automatic. When you set a goal, your mind starts working overtime, trying to figure out how to reach that goal. The mind will work on the problem while you’re asleep. It will work while it is otherwise unengaged in important thought.

So set your goals high. Some things may seem impossible to achieve. But put your mind to work on the problem anyway. If you let it cook long enough in your head, the problem will always be resolved; the solution will always be found.

Don’t be like those who live well below their capacity. Set your goals high – and then expand your capacity to meet them.

-See a full copy of Goals, Guts and Greatness by Mark O. Haroldsen on archive.org. Mr Haroldsen is still writing motivational books: his latest is How to Ignite Your Passion for Living.