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Screenwriter Jason Tolsher recommends screen memoirs and talks scriptwriting

Jason Tolsher outlined the nuts and bolts of structuring screenplays at a talk for Women on Oxford, a writers’ group based in Bulimba, Brisbane. He also gave some great tips on books by screenwriters, including some good memoirs, which I’ve listed at the end of this report.

Mini-comics artist Joe Lambert

Readersvoice.com aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. This issue continues on the theme of mini-comics, which are basically home-made comics, although some have high production values. Comics artist Joe Lambert has appeared in a number of anthologies, and in this interview he gives a thorough portrait of the world of mini-comics. He also provides plenty of good mini-comics reading suggestions.

MIni-comics artist Joe Lambert talks about mini-comics

Joe Lambert talks about the Center for Cartoon Studies, in Vermont, USA, and about some mini-comics sites for people interested in investigating mini-comics further…

Mini-comics artist Joe Lambert gives some tips on creating comics.

Mini-comics artist Joe Lambert talks about producing mini-comics, and his studies at the Center for Cartoon Studies…

Mini-comics artist Joe Lambert recommends some comics

Mini-comics artist Joe Lambert talks about One Percent Press and recommends some books…

Mini-comics artist Joe Lambert on sketching

Joe Lambert talks about the mini-comics scene in the USA, a forthcoming biography of Helen Keller, and his sketches…

Kevin Bramer on mini comics and Optical Sloth.com

READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. For this issue I interviewed Kevin Bramer about his amazing website Optical Sloth.com, which features reviews and samples from thousands of mini comics. Also I went along to see John Kennedy’s ’68 Comeback Special. John Kennedy and his guitarist Jeff Pope were playing songs from their latest album Is This Not Paris? in Brisbane a while back. First up, Kevin Bramer.

Kevin Bramer from Optical Sloth.com on mini comics

Kevin Bramer whose website Optical Sloth.com reviews thousands of mini comics mentions a few stand-out mini comics…

John Kennedy and Jeff Pope

John Kennedy and guitarist Jeff Pope played songs from the new album by John Kennedy’s ’68 Comeback Special, in Brisbane not long ago. I managed to get some excellent reading suggestions.

Brisbane Writers Festival

READERSVOICE.COM aims to pick up a few interesting reading tips. For this issue I went along to the Brisbane Writers Festival. Also I attended the book launch of the first anthology by Women on Oxford, called A Pocket Full of Wry. It’s a book of stories with ironic twists.