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UNDERWORLD comic creator Kaz interviewed (Page 3)

Kaz recommends some comics, and talks about some comics techniques...

READERSVOICE.COM: What comics would you recommend people read if they’re not entirely familiar with the comics world, and what is it you like about them?

KAZ: As far as new stuff…read Dan Clowes’ work.

EIGHT BALL and the longer stories.

Dan has an amazing grip on comics story telling and his sensibility is dark and cutting.

More arty is Chris Ware. But again, a powerful cartoonist.

For humor read my stuff, Tony Millionaire, Sam Henderson, Mike Kupperman, and Johnny Ryan.

Old stuff? Read the classic KRAZY KAT and EC Horror comics.

I dunno…all this stuff is so different.

RV: Do you hang out with other cartoonists, or with people totally unrelated to the comics world?

KAZ: Well, both. But I do know a lot of cartoonists.

We usually don’t spend a lot of time talking comics (we do comics all day so it can get boring to talk about it).

We drink, argue art, books and movies. Bitch a lot about business (real boring).

It’s good to know people outside the comics world.

But most of my friends are creative types.

RV: What are the different ways you come up with story or gag ideas for your weekly strips? What are some important things to remember in designing or drawing a comic strip?

KAZ: Usually I just sit and start sketching panels.

I’ll draw a guy walking down a street and just follow him until something funny happens.

Mishearing conversations also gets me started.

To me, the most important thing about designing a comic strip is that the idea is clear.

RV: How do you prepare your art work?

KAZ: I’m not sure what you mean.

I draw out my ideas in a sketchbook.

Then I pencil on four ply paper. I ink over my pencils.

That’s about it.

Oh, if I color – I now color my work by scanning into Photoshop and using the paintbucket.

Well, there are different ways to computer color and I use whatever technique is appropriate.

RV: How do you come up with character ideas?

KAZ: Man, I dunno. I’ll just pull stuff out of the air sometimes.

But usually something I’ve seen or read will inspire me.

RV: Can you give a few tips on drawing, what to watch?

KAZ: I’m the last person to ask. But here’s a good tip: After you’ve drawn something –draw it again.

But this time make it a little different.

Stretch it or condense it a couple of times.

By the time you’re done you’ll have something original.

RV: Do you do a lot of reading for research, like with the mythology about the devil in SIDETRACK CITY, or do your comics come purely out of your imagination and experience?

KAZ: It’s both. Reading sparks my imagination for stories.

Nonfiction usually suggests more ideas for stories but fiction always gives me ideas of how I would have told a story different.

It’s hard to make stuff up if you know nothing.
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