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Mattias Adolfsson talks about finding inspiration for his excellent doodles.

READERSVOICE.COM: In one of your blogs you mention going to the library to get inspiration for your artwork, although it was a joky cartoon you were doing. But I wonder where you go looking for inspiration, if you go looking.

MATTIAS ADOLFSSON: I do quite a lot of running, a great way of getting inspiration and keeping yourself out of sickness.

RV: What are the people who publish your book like? Are they fairly young people; are
they like artists? How would you describe them and what’s your relationship with
them like?

MA: They are a few years younger than me. They were in the first year of school when I took my masters of fine arts, but I didn’t know them personally then. It’s a good relationship. If they hadn’t contacted me I’m not sure when I would have had a book.

RV: What was the SPX 2011 like and can you talk about how you got there, where you stayed, how long you were there for?

MA: SPX 2011 was in Stockholm not far from where I live. We had it as a good
date as an aiming point when to have the book finished (and it was finished the
day before it started). I’m not that familiar with the comic scene so it was a
novel experience. It was very nice to get feedback for something in person; the
blog gives me great feedback but it can’t beat the real thing.

RV: How much of your time is spent promoting your book versus creating, if they don’t
overlap? I’ve heard authors say they spend an increasing amount of time on

MA: I’ve pretty much been promoting the book since it came out. The blog is also a kind of personal promoting so it’s hard to keep the two things apart. I’ve been trying to get a viral campaign going but it’s pretty hard to be heard. But sales have been better than we expected already (we are very close to the breaking point).

RV: What are some of your plans?

MA: I hope to be able to continue producing books, I’d love to do some travelling with
my books and hopefully reach a wider audience.

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