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Thriller writer and comics creator Bobby Nash talks about how one project leads to another, a podcast and his daily routine...

READERSVOICE.COM: You have worked with a big number of publishers, like Moonstone, New Babel, White Rocket. How did you hook up with each of these?

BOBBY NASH: It’s funny, but one project really does lead to the next. Evil Ways led to Lance Star: Sky Ranger, which led to Domino Lady, which led to Green Hornet, which led to the Sentinels, which led to The Ruby Files, which led to The Danger People, which led to Zombies vs. Robots, and on and on. The work becomes the resume so I do what I can to get my work in front of publishers and editors I’d like to work for and hope they like it. Of course, once you get the work then you have to do the work, meet the deadlines, rework and rewrite as needed, promote, and all the other things that come with the job. Then you repeat the process.

RV: Typically, how do these publishers start out? Would they be one or two fans of a genre, and how would they go hunting for writers and artists?

BN:It varies. I was there at the beginning of Airship 27 and the overall feeling was that we were going to write some fun stories and see what happened. I can’t speak for the others, but I certainly didn’t think we were about to help kick-start a New Pulp movement, but I guess that’s what happened. 

Publishers and editors usually handle the hiring of the talent. I’m not sure how they go about finding talent, but word of mouth is usually a good place to start, I would assume. Being a talented writer or artist is important, but being dependable and easy to work with are both big pluses. You have to get your work out there where it can be seen, which is easier now than ever thanks to places like Deviant Art, Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs, etc.

RV: How did the Earth Station One podcast start and how did you and your partners sort out the technical side of it? 

BN: The Earth Station One podcast is Mike Faber’s baby. He created the show and is our host and editor. Mike Gordon eventually joined him as co-host and they invited me on for an interview, I believe to talk about the release of the Yin Yang graphic novel I wrote. We had a great time and they invited me back several times to join the discussions, which I was happy to do because I always have fun hanging out with the ESO Crew. I was on just about every week by the point Mike and Mike invited me on as an official co-host. I was thrilled to join and we have a fun time with the podcast. 

For those that haven’t heard an episode, check out the Earth Station One podcast at www.esopodcast.com.

RV: Where in Georgia do you live, and what’s your typical daily routine?

BN: I live in Bethlehem, Georgia. As you may have guessed from the name, yes, it is a quiet little country town.  Bethlehem is roughly 50 miles east of Atlanta so I can get into the city in about an hour. 

My daily routine isn’t always routine. Ideally, it goes like this: I start the day checking email, websites, etc. Then I write a little before breaking to do some marketing and promotion along with more email, then back to writing. It doesn’t always work out that way, but I try to stick to that as much as possible.

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