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Jordan Shiveley of Grimalkin Press gives an extensive list of great comics...

READERSVOICE.COM: Can you describe your minicomics collection and what are some of your favorite minicomics in your collection?

JORDAN SHIVELEY: I buy minicomics incessantly but try and keep a pretty tight lid on the ones that make it into my permanent collection. It takes up at least three large shelves and is constantly spilling onto the ground due to the irregular formatting of most minicomics. I really need to find a better way to organize them.

A few of my gems are:

Beast Mother by Eleanor Davis;
Heaven All Day by John Martz;
The entire Crime World series by David King;
Several different minis from Joe Lambert;
Dreamy pamphlets that I’m not sure of the true titles like the Bastard Saint by Vincent Stall [creator of Things You Carry];
Frontier #1 and 2 from Youth in Decline;
Structures by Tom Kaczynski;
The Foie Gras series by Edie Fake;
Bjornstrand by Renee French;
Danger Country 1&2 by Levon Jihanian;
Scooter Patrol by Curtis Square-Briggs.

RV: On your Grimalkin Press blog I saw a copy of Essex County by Jeff Lemire. Is this a favorite comic of yours and what are some others (apart from minicomics)?

JS: It’s actually not a favourite, I read tons of good comics of which that one is definitely one but it is around the middle area of my tastes.

Some favorites are:

Pretty much anything by Moebius but especially 40 Days Dans le Desert B, the Arzak stuff and Airtight Garage;
The Adventures of Rocco Vargas: Triton by Daniel Torres, the Catalan edition;
Corto Maltese books by Hugo Pratt;
Lemon Styles and Danny Dutch by David King;
Popgun War by Farel Dalrymple;
Far Arden by Kevin Cannon;
Jinchalo by Matt Forsythe;
The Pope Hats series by Ethan Rilly;
Those big Acme Novelty Libraries by Chris Ware;
BPRD when it was being drawn by Guy Davis . . . any comic drawn by Guy Davis;
My Boy, The Man Who Grew His Beard and Le miroir de Mowgli by Olivier Schrauwen

And TONS more.

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