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Brin Coleman who records under the name Bing Satellites talks about his daily routine in Manchester, UK, and mentions some forthcoming albums of ambient music...

READERSVOICE.COM: What part of Manchester do you live in and what’s your daily routine?

BRIN COLEMAN: I live very near the centre of Manchester, in what use to be a slum and a haven for artists and musicians but now is basically almost part of the university campuses. This area has changed so much in the 20 plus years I’ve lived here. There are less spontaneous all night parties than there used to be but it’s safer to walk the streets.
I am also studying a degree in Broadcast Production, learning to create factual content for radio and television. It is a fascinating area and one I would like to make a career out of.
I also work which leaves me very little time for anything else. However, I do find time to visit my wonderful partner in California as much as possible. Next year, I will be leaving the gloom of Manchester for the sunshine of Southern California.

RV: What refurbishments did you make to your studio recently and what new equipment did you buy?

BC: The refurbishments were basically rewiring all my equipment back together. I built a rack for my synths and bought a rack for my keyboards. I got a few bargains on Ebay that I added to my collection, of which, the Novation KS rack (lots of knobs, buttons and faders for real time control) and Waldorf Blofeld (which I don’t fully understand so surprises me a lot). Basically, my synths, my electronic drum kit and my control keyboards are all now connected by MIDI and through two mixers to my laptop. It’s a complicated business and was a daunting task that I didn’t have time to complete for many months.

RV: What are some of your plans whether for more albums or anything else?

BC: I’ll be finishing my degree and working on more documentary films and recordings through my production company Moon & Bacon.
I’ve worked with Daniel Land on several projects including his wonderful new album In Love With A Ghost. We’ll be doing more in the future including gigs as part of his new band and working on his next album.
There will be more Bing Satellites albums in the near future along the lines of Extensions of Reality. They are fun to do. Also, more Twilight Sessions and a second volume of All The Right Notes. Right now, I have no idea what my next album will be and I’m fine with that. We’ll just have to see what happens next time I switch on my laptop and press record!

-See the Bing Satellites’ website at bingsatellites.com, Moon & Bacon at moonandbacon.co.uk. and also see what Brin Coleman is up to at brincoleman.co.uk.
-copyright Simon Sandall.