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Some more book marketing tips for self-publishers from Jennifer Lancaster, and some favorite books...

Have a good photo taken of yourself, by a professional. You use these photos for Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook profiles and for your website. Professional photos for a professional author.
You can have bookmarks made, business cards, and a website. You can have a roll-up banner made for talks. These are about a metre and a half tall, and you unravel it and it stands near you when you give a talk in a library for example. It gives the presentation a more professional look, and let the audience see your name, the title and cover of your book.
Placeit.net is a company that provides mock ups or designs for your book.
Canva was free for Instagram posts and blog images. It’s a website run by a graphic design company. It provides a drag and drop feature to help design books. They have designs ready to go, which saves time.
Create your own website. Include a direct buying link for your book, using Paypal. And have links to websites like Amazon so people could buy it from there eg. Available on Kindle.
Write your own blurb for the back cover of the book. Pull out five hot selling points. If it’s a memoir, tell the reader about things they might identify with, and build curiosity. If it’s a fictional book, talk about the characters, the conflict, the high stakes. Let genre readers see why it’s for them.
Create a short pitch about your book, to arouse curiosity about its content. Say who the book is for. Have this pitch ready for radio interviews, webinars, podcasts or for someone in the elevator.
Ms Lancaster said Ingramspark.com was good if you wanted to print 50 to 100 copies of books.
As for book recommendations, Ms Lancaster liked The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. She liked the way the book included a lot of stories, illustrating points made in the book. The book spells out 67 principles and practices followed by the world’s most successful people.
For fiction, Ms Lancaster liked books by Trisha Stringer, which she described as romance with a twist. The novels are set in Australian outback towns, and one favorite was Right as Rain.

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