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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. Palle Schmidt has created numerous comics, and his latest comic Stiletto has just hit the shelves in the US. He's also written young adult novels. There are many good reading tips in this interview...

Comics artist Palle Schmidt reads a lot of books on creativity and on how to write. Mr Schmidt wrote and illustrated his latest comic, Stiletto, which hits the stands in the US on April 3. Stiletto is a thriller inspired by his reading of noir fiction. And he has some good videos on Youtube, which give tips on creating comics. Some of his videos talk about his reading, and he neatly summarises the gist of some famous how-to-write books.

READERSVOICE.COM: Do you sketch a lot when you’re walking around Copenhagen, or if you’re travelling, say to comic cons, and then use these pictures for your art work, like pictures of New York to use for Thomas Alsop?

PALLE SCHMIDT: I used to do that, but nowadays I mostly take pictures as reference. I take a lot of notes for story ideas, character traits, observations and stuff like that. And a lot of that has definitely made it into novels and comics. For Thomas Alsop, the writer Chris Miskiewicz and I went on location for a lot of the scenes, allowing me to know not only what the inside of a bar or a subway station looked like, but also what it smelled like!

RV: Your videos are really interesting insights into your creative process and are really helpful to comics creators just starting out. Do you plan on making more videos or vlogs and what ideas do you have for them?

PS: Thank you for the kind words. I do have ideas, plenty of them. But I would rather have the few videos I get around to doing come as a nice surprise rather than promise something I don’t deliver on. Hope that makes sense.

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