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Publisher and writer Blaise van Hecke mentions some interesting memoirs and other books published by Busybird…

READERSVOICE.COM: What are some titles of some of the most interesting fiction books people have come to you with?

BLAISE van HECKE: Heartbreak in the Himalayas; Burnstones:The Last Door; Entropy.

RV: What are some of the most interesting life stories people have had published at Busybird?

BvH: Oh, boy, there are so many! Fat Bob and the Blonde is about Heather Ward’s roadtrip around Australia on a Harley; Colourful Life is about Sharon Beck’s growing up in foster care; The Suitcase is about Jan Daniel leaving her abusive husband with just one suitcase and her children; Love versus Lust is Cass Lee Jardine’s confessions of a recovering sex addict; Patience and Trust is Michael Tucker’s life as a dog trainer; Retirement, What Retirement? is Bill Noonan’s experiences of being retired. The list goes on…

RV: Can you talk about the online course on writing life stories you are offering on June 13, and what are some mistakes people make at first when writing life stories?

BvH: Yes, I love this course; it’s one of my most popular. Often when people set out to write about their life, they are overwhelmed by so much information (a lifetime’s worth). They don’t know where to start. Or they put absolutely EVERYTHING they can remember into the book, and it becomes 500 pages long! In this workshop we work out how to make our story engaging, and how to work out what to put in and what to leave out. No one wants to read a list of events. It needs to be a narrative that can sweep the reader along your journey with you.

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