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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. With his latest ambient album Pursued by Memory, Cliffdiver has introduced a more prominent guitar sound on some tracks. But the guitar has always been there in Cliffdiver’s relaxing, introspective music. Often he uses effects to make his guitar sound like a synthesiser. Cliffdiver is Andrew Jernigan, who resides in Austin, Texas.

One admirer of Cliffdiver’s electronic ambience music said it’d be good music to listen to while you drifted off to space. Another said it was good for writing. Software developers used it to code. People with neurotic anxiety used it to calm down. One said it was good for Bible study and meditation on the spirit.  Another said he’d woken up feeling low but after listening to Ambient Wall #2, his whole vibe had changed. Check out Youtube for Cliffdiver albums like New Plasmas, Bring on the Stillness and his newest album Pursued by Memory

READERSVOICE.COM: With Pursued by Memory, you deal with themes like looking back through time, and searching for hope in the future. Dim Glow of a Promise conjures up a vehicle drifting through space on some journey. What is it you like about ambient music, that it takes people on a journey like that, where they can think about things?

CLIFFDIVER: I think ambient music is unique in the way that it’s not confined within the same boundaries as other types of music. If a chord on an instrument makes you feel a certain way in your heart or mind…you can just linger there and let it wash over you. I think all forms of music hold their own power. They just fill a particular space for each individual and for me I like to think of ambient music as a soundtrack of life – where even mundane suddenly has beauty. It’s not like I’m imagining that I’m living inside of a film while listening to it or creating it but I do think there is a dreamy cinematic quality added to the ever passing moments while listening to ambient music.

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