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It’s inspiring reading about the dedication of the surface designers featured in Pattern Pulse by Rachael King. There are some very good creative and business tips, too.

Here are just a few: Claire Ishino said to keep drawing all the time. Then if you were stuck for ideas, you could go back over your sketchbook for ideas. And she said not to waste too much time looking sideways at other artists’ work, as there are some extremely talented people out there. It’s more important to develop your own style.

Ellen McKenna says to be brave enough to show the world your design style and grow your audience while letting them follow along with your creative life.

Ellie Whitacker says to follow designers only if they have a totally different aesthetic from your own. And instead of comparing yourself, focus on creating the best work you possibly can, as quickly as you can.

Emily Wills said you should know where you fit in the market, but you have to be true to your own design style. She was fond of a quote by Alan Cooper: If you design for everyone, you delight no one.

Julianne Hall said a designer’s uniqueness and passion shines through, and is an asset, and they should stick to creating what they absolutely love.

Julie White taps into a remembered feeling to guide her when she draws.

There are many other tips in Pattern Pulse; and a lot of fun, lively and colourful pattern designs.

For some of Rachael King’s favorite books, read on.

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