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Artist Yumiko Kayukawa talks about some inspirations for her beautiful paintings…

READERSVOICE.COM: Do you still like reading books on crime and mysteries? If so, which ones have you liked in recent years?

YUMIKO KAYUKAWA: I’m a fan of Miyuki Miyabe, a Japanese mystery writer. Many of her novels are crime themed, which I love. My favorite book of hers is Rakuen. (Unfortunately no English version).

RV: I’ve been reading a book called Ancient Tales and Folklore of Japan by Richard Gordon Smith. A lot of these are set in nature, like the mountains. And a lot of them feature ghosts. Did you hear a lot of folk tales or stories when you were growing up in the country in Naie in Hokkaido, and do you like reading these old tales?

YK: I grew up with old folklore from my grandma, children’s books, and animation. I still love them and they inspired me a lot. I’ve done several paintings based on them.

RV: Do you like the Shinto idea that everything has a spirit: rocks, trees, and animals. Does this influence your paintings like Fruit of Happiness, New Dawn, and many other beautiful paintings full of wildlife and other nature?

YK: Yes, I respect the idea. I’m pretty sure it’s in my DNA and it influences my artwork.

RV: Do you listen to music while you are painting? If so, do you like kind of relaxing music, maybe ambience, or rock and roll?

YK: I used to listen to rock and roll while I’m painting, but these days I enjoy listening to talk shows or radio programs. I listen to music more when I’m driving.

RV: Do you like listening to podcasts, like true crime stories? If so, what are some of your favorites?

YK: I don’t listen to podcasts, but I enjoy watching true crime series on Netflix or Prime.

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