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Entertainments for Idle Hours

Entertainments for Idle Hours, compiled by Thomas P. Carrington is a 1958 publication by the Hart Publishing Co. of New York, and probably wouldn’t be that easy to find. It includes a story on the Borden Murder Case; and an account of the Mary Celeste mystery; and a story by Damon Runyon. And there is a chapter called Funny stories, including this one:

“I’ve got to get rid of Charlie the Chauffer,” complained the husband. “He’s nearly killed me four times!”

“Oh!” pleaded the wife, “Give him another chance.”

Among many other entertainments featured in the book, are included Letters that Really Were Written, compiled by Juliet Lowell. These included:

Dear Dr Lapointe, Since you operated on my nose, I smell wonderful…

To the Navy Relief Fund, Los Angeles. Gentlemen: Enclosed find my check for $2.00. You’ll pardon me for not signing it, but I want to remain anonymous. A Friend.

Dear Dr Patry: I know how very busy you are so I want to apologize for being late again this morning for my appointment. But you will admit I have improved. This was the earliest I’ve been late yet…

There was also a selection called Classroom Boners:

What is the chief cause of divorce? Marriage.

The general direction of the Alps is up.

A tourniquet is a tournament for croquet players.

Algebraical symbols are used when you do not know what you are talking about.

Homer was not written by Homer, but by another man of that name.

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