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Michael O’Sullivan gives an account of an apparent bank robbery in Brisbane, which he described as a put-up job…

He continues: I left the bank and on my way to the barracks I met a letter-carrier with whom I had a saluting acquaintance. In five minutes I learned that he had on several occasions delivered letters addressed in the hand-writing of the disabled manager to a lady residing in  —-Street, Spring Hill.

Later: This thing got me stirred up, so on returning to my house I got into civilian clothes and set out to collect some information about the lady and the bank manager. I learned that they had been at the races together on the preceding Saturday, and he had lost heavily. On the Saturday night he had endeavoured to borrow a sum equal to the amount missing from the bank.

The apparently comatose manager was taken to the hospital on the Government Medical Officer’s orders. A detective was at this bedside waiting until he regained consciousness.

Mr O’Sullivan writes: I reported my views on the case. My report was read within the hearing of the unconscious bank manager. He at once gave up the farce, and asked for something to eat, as he had had a long fast. He then made a clean breast of the whole thing. He was sentenced to three year’s imprisonment.

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