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Norman Wallis reveals the contents of four boxes of books he found recently at a charity store at a location he refuses to disclose…

There were many old books in the four boxes I perused recently at a charity store I visited. These are the titles of a few other old books I found.

The Loving Couple, a novel by Virginia Rowans. Rosalind Russell says: “I hate to admit it but ‘The Loving Couple’ is as good as Auntie Mame.”

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis by Max Shulman, published 1953; this Corgi edition 1961.

Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis, first published 1938; this edition 1960.

New Maps of Hell by Kingsley Amis, published 1960 by Four Square books. An entertaining survey of science fiction.

Money. A 1935 title about banks, treasury bills, foreign exchanges and many other things I never used to be interested in. It was published by Angus and Robertson, by Sydney academics, R.C. Mills and E.R. Walker.

New Syllabus English Grammar for Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grades. Published by William Brooks for Queensland schools, published in 1931.

Horse Nonsense by R. J. Yeatman and W. C. Sellar, the authors of 1066 and All That.

Grammar by Frank Palmer. Published 1972. Which was an introduction to linguistics: the precise and scientific description of the structure of a language.

Bones of the River, a novel by Edgar Wallace (1875-1932). 

Ancient Education and Today by E. B. Castle. Published 1961. The author says that the Greeks, Romans and Hebrews never lost sight of one truth: education is for the proper rearing of children so they become good people. He said this view was still very relevant to the technological age, in 1961. 

The Aeneid by Vergil. A Mentor Classic, printed 1961.

Simple Lessons in Colour by Herbert A. Rankin, 1928.

And many more.

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