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Thomas a Kempis p2

Here is some of one chapter of Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis: Against Maligning Tongues. .

The Voice of the Lord: My son, you must not take it badly if some people have a low opinion of you, and say things that are not very pleasant to hear. You should have an even lower opinion of yourself, and consider that you are more likely to err than anyone.

If you are treading the path of the inward life, you will not give much thought to words that soon fly past. It is no small wisdom to keep silent when times are difficult, and to turn to me in your heart, not letting men’s judgments disturb you.

You must not let your peace depend on what men say. Whether they judge you favourably or adversely, that does not make you any different from what you are.

True peace and true glory can only be found in me, and the secret of great peace is to have no desire to please men, and no fear of displeasing them either. It is your undisciplined affections and your foolish fears that make your senses restless and destroy the peace of your heart.

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