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John D. Wolf

READERSVOICE.COM aims to give some samples from interesting out of print books.

Amen! Until Tomorrow, Retaking the Pacific after Pearl Harbor, (Fairway Press, Ohio, published 1990) is a collection of evening broadcasts given by a young chaplain to the crew and troops of an amphibious attack transport in the Pacific in WW2. They usually carried more than a thousand soldiers at a time, and boats for beach landings at battles on islands in the Pacific. Then they picked up the wounded from these battles.

In May 1944, their ship, the U.S.S. Frederick Funston, or the Fighting Freddie, left Pearl Harbor as part of a convoy of ships for Saipan in the Marianas. It was the first of a number of missions, including to Guam, New Guinea, the Philippines and Iwo Jima. The chaplain, John D. Wolf, would brief the crew about the islands and nations they would be visiting as they travelled around the South Pacific. The book would be worth reading for these concise geography and history lessons alone.

He would tell the crew what they could expect from enemy forces at each place. The chaplain would remind the crew that they were fighting for freedom and democracy. It’s an inspiring book.

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