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Journal of a Soul p2

Pope John XXIII’s guiding motto was obedientia et pax: obedience to God and peace. In the 1966 paperback, Journal of a Soul, is featured his writing at age 21…

I like to enjoy good health and God sends me sickness. Well, blessed be this sickness! Here starts the practice of that holy indifference that made the saints what they were. Oh if I could only acquire that tranquillity of soul, that peace of mind in favourable and unfavourable conditions, which would make my life sweeter and happier, even in the midst of troubles! Poor or rich, honoured or despised, poor priest of a mountain parish or Bishop of a vast diocese, it must be all the same to me, as long as in this way I do the will of my Master, fulfil my duty as a faithful servant and save my soul. Indeed if I were allowed a choice, I would have to prefer poverty to wealth, men’s scorn to their rewards, the most obscure tasks to important positions. Suppose I should wish to take up some special course of study: my Superiors will not allow it. Very well, then no special course of study, but cheerfulness always. I would like to be ordained Subdeacon at Easter: my Superiors will not hear of it. Then let us wait, in the same cheerful spirit. I would like to be left as I am. Instead my Superiors wish to give me a task which I find humiliating, and which offends my pride. It costs me an enormous sacrifice to obey. Well then, let us obey; let us pluck up our courage and be cheerful in the Lord.

This is the physic that calms all impatience, sweetens privation and makes us rejoice even in the midst of the troubles of this life. 

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