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Sandy Thorne p2

Writer Sandy Thorne talks about catching brumbies...

Sandy Thorne p3

Writer and stage performer of bush ballads and yarns Sandy Thorne talks about her writing and reading.

Mattias Adolfsson p1

Mattias Adolfsson talks about his doodles collected in his book The First in Line.

Mattias Adolfsson p2

Mattias Adolfsson talks about some of the pressures of doodling and talks about some reading favorites like L.P. Lovecraft.

Mattias Adolfsson p3

Mattias Adolfsson talks about finding inspiration for his excellent drawings in The First in Line

Jeffrey Archer p1

Jeffrey Archer comes to Brisbane and talks about his novel Only Time Will Tell, the first in a series of five novels about the 100-year life of a Bristol man.

Jeffrey Archer p2

Jeffrey Archer talks about some of his favorite classics.

Jeffrey Archer p3

Jeffrey Archer talks about his novel Only Time Will Tell, his research for the novel and his favorite books.

Jimmy D. Gillentine p1

Jimmy D. Gillentine talks about his Memphis horror novel Of Blood and the Moon.

Jimmy D. Gillentine p2

Jimmy D. Gillentine, author of Of Blood and the Moon, talks about the inspiration for his horror novel.