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Video game character artist Abraham Valdez mentions some favorite books, a 3d art magazine and art websites...

READERSVOICE.COM: You’ve said you liked ZBrush because it allowed you to sculpt on the model. What does this mean exactly?

ABRAHAM VALDEZ: In general a model is a 3d object and Zbrush lets you sculpt on the 3d geometry in a way that is similar to using clay and actually allows you to sculpt on this object. Zbrush allows you to add mass and shape to the object as if it were clay.

RV: Could artists achieve just as good character design results with any program?

AV: Yes, there are many options for artists and the best results come from the best imaginations and years of experience with whatever software the artist chooses.

RV: Your portfolio has a few characters you’ve designed for games like Medal of Honor: Warfighter, including Navy Seals and a crow, as well as the Incredible Hulk and Gray Fox from Metal Gear. How many characters might you design for a game?

AV: That depends on the game and what is needed in production, there are times where many characters are not produced but many assets are made for a single character. A character can have many swappable items that change the appearance of the character. It can be a very collaborative effort depending on the scope of the game.

RV: Do you have a lot of books on art and what are some of your favorites, whether biography, or practical books on 3d art?

AV: I have a few art books and my favorites are of Anatomy. My Michelangelo book being my favorite and Japanese detail architecture being a close second.
Michelangelo, Paintings, Sculptures, Architecture; complete edition, by Ludwig Goldscheider. Japanese Detail: Architecture, by Sadao Hibi.

RV: Which websites or magazines do you check related to art or CG?

AV: My favorite magazine is 3d Artist and the websites I currently frequent the most are Artstation.com and Zbrushcentral.com.

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