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Supanova fantasy and crime writers

Readersvoice.com aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. This issue features reading suggestions from writers at the Brisbane Supanova. This comic-con style event is a must for anyone wanting to learn from professionals about writing, art work, acting or anything else, regardless of whether they are interested in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. There is also a story on a meticulously researched Brisbane local history book, Prawn Trawlers of Cabbage Tree Creek, 1952-2014...

The Deep and Kent Hill

Creators from The Deep animated tv series, and publisher and author of bizzarro humor genre novellas Kent HIll.

Brian Hutchison

For years, locals have seen trawlers moored along Humbug Reach in Cabbage Tree Creek on Brisbane's northside, or watched the trawlers heading out along the channel into Bramble Bay. Brian Hutchison's book Prawn Trawlers of Cabbage Tree Creek, 1952-2014, sheds light on the historic details of the familiar sight.