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Ty Hanson and planning the story for Millennium Exile...

READERSVOICE.COM: Are you still doing 64 episodes in the series, and do have all the episodes pretty much worked out?

TY HANSON: I have written for a 64 episode run-time however that could easily be extended, should a studio wish for it to run longer.
I’m not confident we could do the story justice with a shorter amount of time to tell it all, however it wouldn’t be unheard of (or unexpected) if a studio were to be more cautious with the title and try for multiple, shorter 12 episode seasons.
But yes, I have episode by episodes pretty much worked out.

RV: How can people support you and your project?

TH: That’s a simple one :)
The Millennium Exile project is present on most major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart, Twitter, and YouTube.
People can help by liking / following, sharing or even commenting and interacting with me on these.
The project was receives a fairly steady volume of donations from fans (new and old) who wish to support the project to help it get made.
These funds are 100 per cent used for MillEx artwork and higher donators even get involved with exactly what gets drawn for their money.
I also have a little structured rewards system, based on the donation amount, in which people can get signed prints (big and small) of their favorite artwork.

–The project is going well so far. Mill Ex is receiving a lot of good publicity at the moment, with a recent article by Kotaku, and interviews for various magazines and blogs, and upcoming podcasts. Ty Hanson has also been invited to attend several pop culture conventions in Australia, and he will make an upcoming television appearance.
It’s a big project, but he might just achieve his dream of creating an anime tv series like the ones he’d enjoyed for so long.

See millenniumexile.com
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