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Tom Kouris and Hani Dombe p1

Hani Dombe and Tom Kouris create stop motion animation for short films, music videos and tv commercials in Tel Aviv. Their work has appeared at the Hiroshima Animation Festival, Stop Motion de Montreal, the Mosaic Film Festival in Michigan, and many other festivals around the world. Their 10-minute short film Lili features a woman who clings to her childhood and fights a sandstorm that threatens to take it away. The film features an amazingly realistic set of a house in a desert near the sea, with sand and wind, washing on the line, and other evocative details. This issue features an insight into the making of some of their short films, which is a very detailed process. They also mention some of their favourite books.

Tom Kouris and Hani Dombe p2

Stop-motion animators Tom Kouris and Hani Dombe talk about the writing of Fading Notes, a touching story about the lost dreams of youth...

Tom Kouris and Hani Dombe p3

Tom Kouris and Hani Dombe talk about making the detailed interiors for their short films Fading Notes and Bore...