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Tom Kouris and Hani Dombe p2

Stop-motion animators Tom Kouris and Hani Dombe talk about the writing of Fading Notes, a touching story about the lost dreams of youth...

READERSVOICE.COM: Where do you live in Tel Aviv and what is your daily routine?

TOM AND HANI: Our studio is in the east side of town. Usually we go there every morning for the whole day. It depends on how much work we have..

RV: Did you draw Lili as a storyboard first, and plan it out scene by scene, exactly how it would look?

TH: Yes, first we drew a simple bw storyboard, and when we finished building the set and puppets we made a photographed storyboard with them.

RV: How did you create the moving waves in The Giraffe at the Beach?

TH: Actually it is a time-lapse of a real sea

RV: Fading Note packs a lot of story into a short amount of time. It’s a moving story. What was the inspiration for this story?

TH: I wrote it at a time when I felt that life was passing without me being able to accomplish things I wanted. I’ve seen it happen to people around me who just gave up their dreams. The old woman in the film has almost no chance of fulfilling her dreams. She lost her sister in the Holocaust, but she still sits to play the piano. My grandparents were Holocaust survivors and they always seemed to me like people who had to give up their youth dreams, but their dreams continued to live within them.

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