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Jesse Thomas mentions plans for a forthcoming Night Craft graphic novel...

READERSVOICE.COM: The Zombie Rising picture you did in Affinity Photo was very atmospheric with those moody blue tones. How did you learn about color, combining colors and creating mood with color, or do you just wing it?

JESSE THOMAS: Color has always come somewhat naturally to me. So I can just wing it much more than with drawing, which I had to learn from every how-to-draw book I could get my hands on. I try to keep a mental catalogue of color schemes I like, that seem to work for a certain mood. I pay a lot of attention to movies which use color in ways that I like. That’s a big inspiration to me.

RV: What are your plans for Night Craft future issues?

JT: Full color. I hope to have it in color very soon. I’m also close to being able to produce four issues a year. I’m finishing the last issue of the first cycle of stories, and those will all be reprinted as a graphic novel soon. In terms of content, the ideas I have for future issues fall into the categories of Lovecraftian horror and science-fiction/adventure stories a lot. [H.P. Lovecraft was a horror and fantasy writer from Rhode Island, working from 1917-1937 when he died in poverty aged 46. His short stories were a big influence on horror comics and other horror stories,and many have startling twists at the end.] The upcoming issues may end up in two collections, one for each genre.

RV: What was the South Carolina Comic-Con like and do you go to other comic cons either as a participant or visitor?

JT: I like the SC ComiCon a lot! It’s nearby, It’s a big show, but not so giant that you can’t see it all. I also set up at Heroes Con a lot, and then some of the smaller, one-day shows.

RV: What are some of your plans?

JT: To get better! I always have that constant goal of continual improvement. I’d also like to tell some stories in more of a children’s book format, perhaps a one illustration per paragraph format.

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