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Chris Bryant and Don Tyler talk about influences on their music, and describe how they met and formed Ascendant...

READERSVOICE.COM: What influence do film makers have on your music, like Andre Tarkovsky, whether from their visual style, philosophy or other influences?

CHRIS BRYANT: One of my favorite movies of all time is Star Trek II. When I was a kid I used to have a copy on VHS that I watched over 100 times. I wanted to be Captain Kirk and explore the stars. Don and I are universe explorers, so that’s a close tie in, and I’m sure my love for all things universal comes from these early ambitions and memories. I also love the movie Pi directed by Darren Aronofsky because I have always believed it’s possible to “crack” the code of reality.

DON TYLER: Tarkovsky is a huge influence, yes. The way he invites you into his world – seduces you – is masterful. You just surrender into this world of his. It’s a singular experience. There’s nothing else like it. Potent. Kubrick is another – the depth of his practice is hard to fathom at times.
I will often look at film stills and put together a little collection for reference, mood and focus associated with any give project. Books, films & video games I would say all have a place in our creative influence & inspiration. Anything that takes you to another place. Architecture is another.

RV: How did you meet and form Ascendant from S1gns of L1fe (Chris Bryant from the Bay Area) and Phase 47 (Don C. Tyler from Los Angeles)?

DON TYLER: Online! I had heard a track that Chris has made and approached him to collaborate on a single for an Ambient Online compilation, and we both realized on day one that this was bigger than just a single track.

CHRIS BRYANT: I’ve recently been reminded of how magical this meeting was. My initial feeling was part excitement and intimidation that he would even want to collaborate with me! We are two different people from totally different worlds but when we came together…it was like we were MEANT to be together. We had our struggles early on regarding technical issues and workflow but the dialog between us has always been effortless.

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