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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. This issue features Derrick Chew, from Singapore, who creates dynamic and colorful pictures like Harley Quinn in Japan, and other portraits of Vampirella, Darth Vader, and The Joker, as well as his own characters. See his work on Art Station. Mr Chew appears frequently at pop culture events in the US where he talks about his artwork.

READERSVOICE.COM: Your art work is full of movement and color and shiny textures and fun details. How many years and how many hours a day of drawing and painting, and studying anatomy, would you have to put in to paint pictures like Spiderman vs Venom, Harley Quinn in Japan, and the Flash pictures?

DERRICK CHEW: I started taking drawing seriously about 16 years ago, when I was studying in my local polytechnic specialising in 2D animation. Usually I take around a week to paint an illustration but it all depends on the complexity as well. For example, like the Harley Quinn in Japan piece took way longer because there’s a lot of things to figure out, like the composition, the motorbike especially, and all the little details all around the piece.

RV: One of your pictures has some great lighting and warmth to it, Velvet, which you described as portrait practice. How many drawings and portraits do you do each month or so as practice?

DC: Thank you! =) haha to be honest, I don’t really practise that much on portraits. But from time to time I try to do some sketches or personal art instead and try to improve as I go along.

RV: Do you wander around Singapore with a sketch pad drawing people and sights?

DC: I do like to go to a cafe sometimes to draw, but I’ll just be drawing my own things. But most of the time I’ll be behind a computer painting lol.

RV: Could you put out a book of your art and if so, when might that come out and which pictures would you wish to include? Hopefully the Joker portrait and Vampirella would be in there.

DC: I think it’s something that I’ve been thinking about, but I haven’t had any concrete plan as for yet but somewhere in the future for sure! I’m currently still working on my own IP, Tokyo Rogue Police.

RV: What will you be doing at the Lightbox Expo in Pasadena, California and how long would you spend on a trip like that?

DC: I’ll be having a booth alongside with my buddies from Singapore as well! I think everyone would know who they are. hahaha. I’ll be going with Artgerm and Raiko senpai! =P usually I would spend probably about a week on a trip.

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