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Illustrator and concept artist for numerous gaming and entertainment companies Derrick Chew mentions a favorite manga, and talks about concept art...

READERSVOICE.COM: Can you list some of your favorite books of all time, whether novels, comics or other books?

DERRICK CHEW: For me my favourite book will be a manga call Sekiganjuu mitsuyoshi by Ueyama Tetsuro, fantastic and super dynamic drawings!

RV: What’s the typical routine for appearances at events like c2e2 in Chicago, or WonderCon in Orlando or the San Diego Comic Con? Do you fly in, check in to a hotel, then what happens?

DC: Usually we fly in a day before to relax and chill for a bit and explore some food places before the show starts, and then probably another day to recuperate or do some shopping after the show ends!

RV: Are you still interested in 2d animation, which you learned at school?

DC: I am still interested in 2D animation, but probably not drawing them as its too tedious lol I got lazy! I really admire the craft, every single frame has so much effort and soul in it, respect!

RV: What exactly is concept art and can you describe some of the concept art you did for say, Imaginary Friends Studio, or DC Comics, Games Workshop, Square Enix or other entertainment and gaming companies?

DC: Usually for concept art, I would design the character/costume designs, monster designs and sometimes background set pieces. I think one of the more interesting ones I did was for square enix gyromancer where I designed some weird looking monsters and I had a really fun time with it.

RV: What are some of your plans?

DC: Well I hope to finish my Tokyo Rogue Police art book, hopefully in the near future! and also to keep on improving my art =)

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