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The co-writer of Mo’s Memoirs continues an account of Gamblers All, a sketch that starred Roy “Mo” Rene…

Mo returns to the gambling table and gambles the lot on the red: red loses…

No sooner had Mo laid his bet than there is a shriek of “Police,” the lights go out, and there is a few seconds of scuffling and screaming, then the lights go on again. An amazing transformation has taken place. No longer is there any gambling dive. It is changed into an evangelical meeting, and Mo is now found in the pulpit with black turned-up collar and a pious broad-brimmed ecclesiastical black hat. In the centre of the stage stands the Commissioner of Police. “What is going on here?” he cries out, but the pastor and congregation take no notice. They are busily singing “Bless ‘em All.” At the end of the “hymn” Mo addresses his congregation, “Dear Bretheren and Sisteren,” he splutters, “it joys my heart to see you all here to-night – all of you reformed drunkards and gamblers –“

“Talking of gamblers –“ says the Commissioner of Police. But he can get no further, the congregation bursts out with a fervent rendering of “Bless ‘em All.”

Mo engages in a pious discussion with the Commissioner of Police, evokes from him a contribution to his fund for reformed drunkards.

“And I thought this was a gambling—“ beams the Police Commissioner, but the end of his sentence is drowned in an even more fervent rendering of “Bless ‘em All.”

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