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Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor, 1969

Here are some samples from Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor, From Biblical Times to the Modern Age by Henry D. Spalding, Jonathon David Publishers, New York, 1969. 

PAPA kissed his wife, as was his custom before leaving for the shop every morning, and then he patted his little boy on the head. “Goodbye, Sollie,” he said, “ and don’t forget to take your glasses off when you’re not looking at anything important.”

MIRIAM was awakened by a strange noise in the middle of the night. She nudged her snoring husband. “Sam, wake up! There’s a crook in the house!”

“All right, so there’s a crook in the house. Go back to sleep!”

“Sam, don’t you understand? Somebody broke in!”

“Keep quiet!” Sam hissed. “You know very well we have nothing worthwhile stealing. What should I do, go downstairs and admit it to a total stranger? Have you no shame?”

THE SHAMMES was boasting that he owned the most dependable watch on earth.

“No matter what time it is – 4 o’clock in Moscow, 3 o’clock in Warsaw, 2 o’clock in Berlin, you can depend on it that on my watch it’s exactly seven-thirty.”

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