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Father Terry Brady p3

Father Brady reflected on what many would call ordinary people…

Some years ago I was travelling by coach a day’s journey from one city to another. Beside me was an elderly woman in her late eighties. As we chatted, she told me she had just lost a very dear friend, another elderly lady who had just died aged ninety-two.

I encouraged her to tell me something about her friend. She told me that they had lived close to one another in the same town for twenty-five years, and for the last fifteen years, every evening she had made a large bowl of nourishing soup and taken it over to her old friend, to make sure she was getting enough nourishing food.

Her elderly friend was in frail health so my companion kept a compassionate eye on her to make sure she was well cared for. A simple story of friendship. But it would be a mistake to call it ordinary. I’m sure our divine Lord would commend my companion as he once commended an elderly widow in front of his apostles for her contribution of a few cents placed in the collection box of the temple. In her case, as he pointed out, it was all she had and so it far outweighed all the other contributions.


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