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Father Terry Brady p4

There are many aphorisms featured throughout the book Stars to Steer By, written by Father Terry Brady. Here are a few samples…

Too many people when they find a guru, use his shadow to escape the light.

If someone puts his foot in your door, he has nothing to offer you but bad manners.

God waits until you can accept him freely. He never puts his foot in your door.

I cursed my crippled foot, until I saw a one legged man climbing a ladder.

What kind of freedom is the freedom to destroy life?

Some claim to be born free, while refusing to others the freedom to be born.

Christ had the power and the opportunity to punish His enemies. Instead he prayed for them “Father, forgive them.”

In the moment you recognise your own weakness, you become surrounded by the strength of God.

To be holy does not require a current mentality or political relevance, only the mind of Christ and some acquaintance with His gospel.

The media has its prophets that belong to a long line of false prophets, who told people what they wanted to hear, not what they needed to hear.

There is a type of modern theologian who thinks it more important to be modern than to be a theologian.

The only degree you need to get to heaven is the degree of love, awarded by the academy of wisdom.

“When we come to die, we realise that the only things we have are the things we have given away.” (G. K. Chesterton.)