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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. Alton Pryor has written more than 50 books of true stories of people from the Old West. Personalities include railway barons, hucksters, land kings, gunfighters, sheriffs, bandits and more. Most of the personalities are little known. Alton Pryor uses decades of journalism experience to produce stories that are as entertaining as they are well researched and trustworthy. Titles include Little Known Tales in California History, The Meanest Outlaws in the Wild West, Amazing Women in the Old West, and The Real Story of the Apache Kid. In this issue there is also a story on the Lifeline Bookfests, which are the ultimate experience for lovers of second-hand books.


Author of entertaining, snappily written and well-researched western histories Alton Pryor gives a good writing tip, talks about growing up on an alfalfa farm in the Salinas Valley, California, and interviewing Ronald Reagan...


Alton Pryor, author of more than 50 books on western history, including Outlaws and Gunslingers, and The Real Story of Wyatt Earp, talks about outlaws and other western personalities, and how he finds out about them...