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READERSVOICE.COM aims to collect a few interesting reading tips. The world of copywriting has changed in many ways, with the internet opening up employment opportunities. But the principles haven't changed from the days of legendary copywriters like David Ogilvie, and the Mad Men era of the 1960s. Here Demian Farnworth from Copyblogger Media talks about copywriting and lists some favourite books.

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Demian Farnworth, chief copywriter at Copyblogger Media, mentions some other favorite books and talks about the copywriting biz.

Lifeline Bookfest

The last Lifeline Bookfest at Caboolture was held from September 26 to 28. Norman Wallis delivers this solemn valedictory report. The Lifeline Bookfests will continue selling second-hand books though. Lifeline is a charity providing services like phone counselling. Literally millions of these paper- and hardback treasures will go on sale at the Brisbane Bookfest in January 2015. So plan your trip now.