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Arcadia Page talks about attending animecons like Umicon Daytona...

READERSVOICE.COM: Do you print the frames for your comics using a computer program, and do the lettering by computer? What font do you use for dialogue?

ARCADIA PAGE: I create comics using the computer, specifically Manga Studio EX 4.0. I like to use Anime Ace for the lettering in speech bubbles.

RV: What was the Umicon Daytona like, and can you remember if you found out about any interesting comics or novels there?

AP: Umicon is the smallest animecon I’ve been to so far, but I really liked the diversity of their artist ally. Also they were very responsible when it came to getting in touch with me about the panel that my husband and I were hosting, and I really was happy about that. I’ve applied to other cons and they seem to be disorganized sometimes–One I recently applied to never contacted me at all, and I even paid for the table. Since I was in the dark about everything, I asked for a refund. So finding a con that’s being run efficiently is great.

In the area where I live, there usually aren’t any comic artists in artist alley. I may see one if I’m fortunate, but most of the artists only do illustrations and fan-art. At Umicon I met a novelist. His name is Chris Widdop, and he writes Velcro the Ninja Kat. Along with his novel he was also selling a comic version of his story which was created by Trevor Tee. Trevor is actually an online fan of the story, and he wanted to make the novel into a comic. That was pretty neat.

RV: Do you go to any other comic-con type events?

ARCADIA PAGE: I try to, but it’s hard to afford them all! The biggest comic-con event where I live is Megacon Orlando, and it’s awesome seeing everyone in their costumes. I have serious plans of returning to Umicon. Next time instead of doing a panel, I would like to setup a table for my comics and artwork.

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