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Artist Patrick Arrasmith talks about some artistic and other plans...

READERSVOICE.COM: How many sketches would you do on travels to places like Cambodia and Burma?

PATRICK ARRASMITH: Not many. I would shoot lots of photos. Time constraints and the pace of travel didn’t allow for much sketching. I would love to schedule a trip with that being the focus.

RV: What was the Blurburn story you alluded to on your website next to your picture?

PA: I have been writing down and recording story ideas for years now. I have a number of them banked. I have to try and see if I can actually write with any skill. Getting past the starting stage has been tough. The Blurburn story is a Scifi narrative involving drugs, other worlds, power struggles, the destruction and rebirth of art.

RV: Are you still working on The Last Apprentice novels?

PA: Nope, we actually just finished up the series. I think I’ve done over 300 piece of art for The Last Apprentice. I should count and see if I made it to 400.

RV: What are some of your plans?

PA:: Right now just making it through every day. Having a newborn and a high-strung pup with a new home under reconstruction is very consuming. I hope to get some of these things settled down and hopefully get to some larger self-made projects.

– See patrickarrasmith.com or the Richard Solomon Artists Representative website, richardsolomon.com, for examples of Mr Arrasmith’s art.

– copyright Simon Sandall