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Bob Corby explains why he likes comic-con-style events like SPACE...

READERSVOICE.COM: Are more and more artists making comics in the Midwest, and out of state, or has it plateaued?

BOB CORBY: There are more exhibitors every year and I don’t think we’ve reached a plateau. We continue to get exhibitors from all over but mostly from the Mid-West.

RV: Who are some of the exhibitors this year?

BC: A lot of great exhibitors again this year, including Eric Adams, Matt Feazell, Marnie Galloway, Tom Hart, Max Ink, Matt Kish, Chad Lambert, John Porcellino, Nate Powell, Tom Spurgeon and a lot more. For a current list go to backporchcomics.com/exhibitor info.

RV: What do you like most about convention style events you attend, like Indy Comics Fair, PIX and SPACE, where anyone can hire a table to show their wares?

BC: I always enjoyed finding something completely new. At small press and indy shows where anybody who produces a comic can sign up there’s no limit to what might show up. It’s kind of like why I don’t do surveys. If I do a survey I have effectively reduced the possible products I might be capable of buying. If new people who don’t know to conform to what’s hot at the moment show up things are more interesting.

RV: Will you have any new mini comics of your own on sale and which ones?

BC: I don’t have any new minicomics ready for SPACE right now but I now have time to get one done. I asked all my Face Book friends to throw a word at me and I’ll see what I can come up with. So far with those words I have an idea and a working title of “Garnet and Rudy”. It’ll be kind of a post-apocalyptic kind of thing about a girl and her sentient rutabaga.

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